How Can We Help You
Cross the Bridge?

Harmony Grove Counseling provides the following services:

ADIS - Alcohol and Drug
Information School
(weekday evening classes available)

Outpatient Chemical
Dependency Counseling

Family Intervention

Grief and Family Loss

Individual and Group Mental Health
And/Or Emotional Support Counseling


Host of the national radio show: Overcoming Addiction: Hope with Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment launching October 2, 10:00am
on Voice America Radio

Come and experience the most individualized and personal support in the Inland Northwest (as our clients often tell us). Substance abuse inflicts tremendous pain on the family and individual. Progressive deterioration is predictable and no one within the individual’s immediate circle is spared from the grasp of this profound process. Our counselors and staff are experienced and well-educated professionals. But our greatest asset is our compassion. Though we are guided by current research of what works, and trained in many therapeutic approaches, we comfort each person in growth and change. At Harmony Grove we deliver services based on your needs not a preconceived one-size-fits-all program.

In a positive and affirming manner,
we support healing to inspire a higher quality of life
for the individual and family; together.

Find us discreetly and comfortably tucked inside the All Lines Insurance building in the Northeast corner of Trent and Argonne (in the Spokane Valley), next to Walgreens. To preserve your anonymity, we do not have a sign out front. Go inside the All Lines Insurance building (9203 E. Trent) and meet Jen, the friendliest receptionist in Spokane.

Harmony is only one click or phone call away.



Harmony Grove Counseling / 9203 E. Trent Ave. / Spokane, Washington 99206
In the 'All Lines Insurance Building' with the big green awning, in the northeast corner of Trent and Argonne; next to Walgreens.
Ph: 509.926.3361 / Fax: 509.927.8420
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